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KANSAIVINA is design & build firm that provides comprehensive implementation of civil and industrial construction projects. 


As a general contractor, KANSAIVINA performs full tasks of an industrial construction project, including design consultancy, civil and structural design and construction, MEP systems design, installation, monitoring and maintenance. These tasks will be implemented entirely or in part, depending on the features of each project, and the requirements of each investor.

Since 2011, we have been cooperating with foreign investors from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Europe. Hence, we readily provide our best services in design and consultancy for construction projects with reasonable cost. Specifically, we undertake project under “lumpsum turnkey” contract terms, thus providing financial transparency and certainty to investors.


Design Consultant is the first step and also the most important stage in a factory construction project. The level of detail and suitability of each planning and design plan will greatly affect the cost and implementation time in the following phases. A good factory design can help investors reduce 20-30% of labor costs, optimize area and use capacity. Therefore, KANSAIVINA pays special attention to the design consultancy phase.

After contacting the investor to find out the requirements, characteristics and functions of the plant, combined with the actual situation during the survey, KANSAIVINA will advise in detail and offer optimal design solutions for customer. We also support design consulting right from the pre-investment stage: together with the investor, propose plans for ideas, planning, premises … to help optimize construction solutions right from the beginning.


For industrial construction projects, even a small mistake can seriously affects the safety, the lifespan and the productivity of the facilities. Therefore, the monitoring and controlling process requires staffs who have had long-time experience and continuously gain knowledge of the latest technologies in this field. For over 8 years, KANSAIVINA have been trusted and appointed as a monitoring and quality management unit in many construction projects in Vietnam.


M.E.P system (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) directly impacts productivity and safety in the workplaces. Accordingly, it needs to be not only warranted in both functionality and aesthetics but also focused on safety, especially the electric system and fire protection system. KANSAIVINA is striving to be an experienced and qualified M.E.P contractor domestically and internationally.

Smart factory

KANSAIVINA consult and apply the “Smart Factory” solution logically in construction implementation following requirements of investors as well as details of projects.

The smart factory systems are deployed in accordance with production features of each factory, so that KANSAIVINA can help investors to reduce implementation costs, to increase management efficiency, and to store operational data efficiently and safely.



KANSAIVINA is proudly qualified international standard certifications from TQCSI:

Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001:2015

Customer Satisfaction Quality Management Systems

ISO 10002:2018

Environmental Management System

ISO 14001:2015

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

ISO 45001:2018